Hi. This morning, I thought I was going to be in my apartment tonight, so I put my deodorant and makeup in my top dresser drawer. However, I’m not in my apartment right now. I’m in Colin and Cassie’s. So is Mike, who was also going to be in my apartment tonight. Turns out they’re doing fancy wood finish stuff on the wood floor that needs to dry without stuff on it, and my landlord offered to put me in up a hotel, but that seemed complicated. In hindsight, it might have been fun. But that’s okay.

What I remain confused about is how I’m supposed to go to work tomorrow at the shoe store (where I have to look nice or people don’t believe me when I tell them stuff about shoes) without makeup, deodorant, or acceptable shoes (v. important). I think I should just buy some tomorrow. I know I’ll do it eventually. For some reason, Mike thinks this solution is funny.

My hands started cracking halfway through the day. Maybe I should write some acknowledgements for the (almost) completion of moving day.
To Orlando: for testosterone and unwillingness to have me and Emily carry things, and for his fear of spiders
To Mike: for the same (except he’s not afraid of spiders, and neither am I), for his car, for his truck driving skills and willingness, and for his unwillingness to freak out about things such as unavailableness of said apartment
To Emily: for her geometry prize in high school that clearly contributed to our success in pulling Anna K’s huge couch out of her apartment this afternoon, and for her willingness to drive the truck and her readiness with a $1 bill when the bum who helped us back it in asked us for a dollar
To Anna K: for the hand lotion that she doesn’t know I used when picking up my new furniture from her apartment, also for said furniture, couch is v. pretty although locked in a garage
To previous landlord: for not showing up to make sure we were out by noon, since we weren’t till 2:30
To Milkweed: for letting me off today
To Genencor: for making funny noises
To Colin and Cassie: for putting us up and letting us use their shower even when we’re really smelly

No thanks:
To Hiawatha Avenue: for having an uncrossable median right by the Budget truck place and causing us to take multiple right turns to get there
To my hands: for cracking and bleeding
To the fire in the sink next door: for happening while I was in the shower


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