Happy Grand Old Day. Am feeling higher levels of irritation toward 10-year-old girls (who insist on trying on shoes they can’t afford or fit into) today than usual. I also felt stupid when I realized the bathtub that I thought was clogged was actually just plugged the way it’s supposed to be (with the sneaky lever under the faucet), when I’d already used a thing of drano on it. Bathtub: 1 Eileen: 0.

I’ve made a few conclusions today. First, that I need to learn to parallel park. Second, I need more interesting things to write about on here.

Having finally found my alarm clock, I now cannot find my TV remote. So now that I’m getting up on time without having my parents call to wake me up, I’m not watching any TV.

What is with Minnesota jury duty taking a week? It’s only a day in Texas. And while Texas is stupid enough to call non-American citizens for jury duty and insist on their coming in anyway, I feel the one-day system is much more reasonable and respectful of working people’s time. I hope to never get called in for jury duty anywhere else. Sadly since I’m not spending the rest of my life in Texas, that plan will probably fail. I also hope to get out of any trials because of 1) being a feminist 2) being against our supremely stupid drug laws and 3) finding something in my family history to relate to any trial in an inappropriate way. Number 3 has worked pretty well for my mother in the past.


2 thoughts on “

  1. mike says:

    I have a vague recollection of putting your tv remote somewhere, although im not entirely sure where. perhaps try looking in one of your drawers, although i may also be thinking of my stereo remote control, so really i wouldn’t put a lot of stock in this message.

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