Thanks to Kris and the inexplicable appearance of The Killers – Hot Fuss in her house yesterday, we listened to a lot of Mr. Brightside on our trip. (No complaints ‚Äì I like the song too.) You know how some songs take you back to a specific time and place? (I have Uncle Kracker’s Follow Me and Brandon’s 18th birthday in Research Park at midnight specifically in mind whenever I think or talk about this.) I’m usually oblivious to the creation of one of these memorable moments, but yesterday, Emily commented that we’ll definitely associate this song with driving back and forth from Park Rapids to Strait (sp?) Lake last weekend.

I made a “CD for Malavika in Capetown” (that I’m pretty certain didn’t get to her till she was back in College Station) last year that I’m now listening to. Wait, that’s a lie, I’ve now switched to “CD for Rebecca”, which was created in Saint Paul last summer, although it lacks the usual specified location on the titles of all my mix CDs (I’m so creative, I know). Anyway, on it is Aimee Mann’s “It’s Not” and Neil Finn’s “She Will Have Her Way,” the first, probably the most depressing song I have on CD, having been played repeatedly over Christmas break freshman year, and the second connected of course to the creation of our Sports Night soundtrack last summer, accompanied by obsessive watching of DVDs. (On reading this, some might say I should write shorter sentences. I don’t know what to tell you, except that I’ve tried, and I’ll always remain ridiculously verbose– perhaps even unequivocally.).

Anyway, I’m wondering, do all these connections I make between songs and places and times mean that I have no continuous taste in music? So that I always obsess over an artist or a song and then drop it? That seems very duplicitous and fickle. Does everyone do this?

Hmm, there’s a tornado warning in effect here for the next fifteen minutes. And it just hailed. I took pictures.


What do you think?

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