To my three readers: sorry for the gap in posting. Many things have happened recently.

Mike got back. Yesterday he got an apartment. I found Rebecca a desk. Mike and I carried the desk up to his apartment.

I am working over the weekend because those higher in command have taken off for their fourth of July locations. I think I have decided to buy the most expensive shoe in the store and no others this entire summer. (The Chacos don’t really count, they were pretty cheap.) Working today was weird. I haven’t worked a Saturday since last October and I forgot how busy they are and how you usually do need three people if any of you plan on taking a lunch break. Anne and I complained about people who think they have narrow feet, but don’t, and just are picky about shoes for no reason (I feel as though I am allowed to complain about these people, since I actually do have narrow feet, and have no problem wearing wide shoes.) Then we talked about the Catholics. And by the Catholics I mean our parents and their weddings, Anne being significantly more Catholic than I, since she was raised and baptized as such and my parents were too pissed at the church by the time I was born to do me that (latter) honor. (It’s okay, my grandfather did it in his touching concern for my eternal soul.)

There was a tornado warning the other night, during which Mike, Orlando, Emily, Kris and I played rummy.

Last night Cassie, Mike, and I went to check out the Sportsman’s bar because they are hiring and we wanted to screen the place before Cassie applies. It wasn’t very busy and there was karaoke along with loud radio music. I think the screening was wise.

Mike accidentally bought a coffee table instead of an endtable today. I think it’s funny.

Mike is making crescent rolls so I think I might go watch. Oh wait, it’s actually time to eat.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Mike says:

    don’t mock me and my purchasing errors..that table will make a perfectly good end table…if you keep making fun of the table’s size you’re going to give him body image problems.

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