I ventured into new territory today and bought an anklet. Don’t worry, I won’t be buying toe rings any time soon (for some reason they just seem gross).

Other than that, Kris and I went to Anthropologie and looked longingly at impeccably-designed skirts that cost half my rent. Sigh. So, I’m buying shoes Saturday.

Mike and I got through half of A Very Long Engagement tonight. So far I’m confused. And intrigued by the surprising presence of Jodie Foster and her perfect French.

I go home Tuesday! And we’re having a picnic tomorrow afternoon at Lake Nokomis for us four departing interns. I spent too much money on cheese today for it. Summer is going so fast.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    I am completely in favor of anklets. I just bought one with bells so I can indulge my fantasies of gypsy royalty while simultaneously annoying my crochety supervisor. Ah, yes, two birds with one jingling stone.

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