My parents are busy playing with their new toys (an iPod and a Bose iPod sound system) so I have swiped the computer for a few minutes.

Yesterday was Jessica’s 21st birthday. This called for Grand Celebrations. In preparation for a lunch-time lunch, I got up at 11 yesterday. Alas, I did not then follow with the next few steps of that process and at 11:30 got a call from the birthday girl telling me she was going to come get me. I used my powers of persuasion to get her to postpone for 20 minutes (mostly by telling her I was in my pjs) and then we went to Panda Express with the lovely K.T.. I actually have a picture from that but I didn’t upload it. The spastic server offered to take a picture of us, which was nice, and quite a contrast to his spasticness, at which we spent several moments in wonder.

Then Katie went back to work. Jessica and I went shopping. I bought a wallet, since I’ve needed one since tenth grade when I spilled sunscreen on my old one, or since it started breaking a year or two ago. Then we went home and chatted with her mom. Eventually I went home.

At 9:00, we reconvened (in greater number) at Jessica’s to eat homemade cheesecake and marvel at her new laptop.

Here are Katie, Tracy, and Didi sitting charmingly at the table.

We stood up to take a picture, and…

chaos ensued, as a result of Jessica’s accosting Katie (not pictured and similarly never explained).

It continued.

Somehow Tracy got us all calmed down. She has that talent.

Then we went to Northgate. I never realized there were so many bars. At one, Bagel’s band was playing, so we ran into him, his little brother, and a few other people I thought had disappeared to an alternate universe.

Did you know they can make shots that taste like chocolate cake?

Today my mom, cousin, and I went and looked at puppies. That was fun too. We didn’t take any home with us. There was a girl, holding a puppy, standing around with a couple of friends, and thinking about adopting it, who turned to one of them and said, “Why don’t you love him?” I agreed. He was pretty cute. How could you not?

I go back to St. Paul tomorrow. Then we can bring the ruckus.


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