Today I went by various college offices to sort things out for the year right before it starts (eek!). I was reminded of my own bizarre awkwardness in some circumstances. Then I was comfortingly reminded, by stabler, older people who somehow worked their way into my life and ended up liking me, of my sometimes understood worth (understood in the sense of an understood ‘you’).

The results of these errands proved to be:
1) I have to play for the orchestra director someday soon so that I can maybe be concertmaster,
2) I get to do the interviews for the CDC newsletter this year,
3) I am registered for violin lessons, with my teacher who apparently just had bunion surgery, which fact brings up casual memories of concerned, scarred shoe store customers,
4) And I might someday soon successfully have my graduation status changed from fall 2005 to spring 2006. But I’m not sure about that. They’ve ignored my request before.

School starts tomorrow. But I don’t have any Thursday classes so then it stops for a day.


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