Mike successfully snapped my new memory into place on the bottom of my always surprisingly heavy computer, even though I somehow broke a badly-made tab when I tried to do it. Now the applications folder takes UNDER 5 SECONDS to load. I’m pretty excited.

I’m also really into Latin and Linguistics. I don’t know what this whole English and French crap is about.

In other news, I’m the new orchestra concertmaster. That is, unless I royally screw it up.

Right now I’m really into homework and extracurriculars. I think this is where I was supposed to be three years ago. Anyway, I’m sure it won’t last long. Soon I will once again only be thinking about shoes.

And I don’t think most people quite realize exactly how much of an effect working in a shoe store can have upon your outlook on shoes. I mean, I’ve always liked shoes. But that like changed into, shall we say, a hobby when I started selling them. It’s embarrassing, but really. Imagine being surrounded all day by hundreds of wonderful, many-colored, ever-changing, long-lasting styles of footwear, that you know a long list of reasonable perks about, and that you could have at a moment’s notice at an employee discount! It’s too much too handle! (As evidenced by my ridiculous collection of shoes.)


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