Time magazine made a list of the 100 best books in English since 1923. I think it’s silly, but interesting. And I have to keep myself from using it as a reading lists, because I’ve learned that when I make reading lists, I tend to stop reading.


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  1. Ed (formerly "Lalo") says:

    Never Let Me Go represents Ishiguro on the list instead of The Unconsoled? I don’t know about that choice.

    By the way, Eileen, what is the best thing you’ve read lately?

    And you are you doing? I suppose I should be able to tell from the blog. I guess I should read more and find out.

  2. Hey! I think the best thing I’ve read (and finished =-\) latey has been Marilynn Robinson’s (an author Time listed actually) Gilead. It’s pretty God-y, but for once I think that’s why I liked it.


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