Woo hoo! Thanks to Lost, I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing and torment myself for the whole three hours. Also thankfully, it turned out to not be tormenting.

Astros v. White Sox on Saturday! Whatever will Grace and I do. But really, I’m only going to watch the first game if I’m bored, because I have a paper to start, and things to do, and I know people, and I have, you know, a life (ha) that’s not based on sports. And although I do want the Astros to win, it’d really be okay with me if the White Sox did. And by okay, I mean I could be happy for them, and by them, I mean a lot of people and fans whom I don’t really know (except for Grace, who is not obsessed with baseball right now).

Should I go to the John Crowley English lunch tomorrow? yes? no? Will people I know be there? Will the food be any good? Get me answers to these questions before noon tomorrow.


One thought on “

  1. Grace says:

    Can anyone go to this lunch? Will there be free food? If the answer to these questions is yes I will totally stop by and mooch but can’t stay b/c I’ll be working.

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