I’m beginning to think that, contrary to expectations, I’m more put together the harder my semesters are. I think the constant stress keeps me going better. Or maybe it’s just that I’m anemic right now. (That’s my theory anyway. Blood tests scare me. I think I’d probably pass out. Especially if I’m anemic.)

So, next semester looks like it will be reasonably harder. I’m planning on taking Historical Novel and Latin II, and the other two are up in the air, but will be two of these three: Principles of Economics, Game Theory, or Women in Art. Also I hope to work more at the store. Speaking of which, it’s been almost a month since I bought any shoes! Actually I have no idea if that’s true or not. So let’s pretend it is, because I want some pink mocassins. (Don’t laugh.)

I’m sick of my hair and considering just lopping it off myself, tonight. I think it might have the desired effect. But Brandon is trying to dissuade me.


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