It looks like the bet’s on that I’ll be going to France next year. Basically the choice was made by one factor– the French application is posted and I still don’t know where the NYU one is. It’s only 12 hours a week so hopefully I’ll be somewhere that I can move around a bit. Or maybe I’ll write my novella. That’s right, I’ll come back with a Pulitzer. Cuz that’s how fast the turnaround is on publishing and awards, don’t you question me.

Anyway I’ve finally really started the application and am dredging up things from my past to serve as experience in education of any sort. Some of the things are kind of funny, like that violin student I had in high school whom I chased away. She seemed nice, but confused. I’m bad at explaining things like the circle of fifths. I think I scared her with it.

I changed my mind from Historical Novel to Letters and Diaries when I saw that the reading list includes The Color Purple (one of my favorite books forever) and Gilead. I’m a sucker. My last registration is Monday morning, and I have to get up fifteen minutes early for it. Speaking of registration, I got a letter from the registrar today (as I’m sure about 400 other people did). Mine, however, I found slightly threatening:

“Be aware that if you complete 2 credits and everything required for your English major during fall semester you will be graduated in December.”

“Be” graduated? I’ll graduate my very own self, thanks. Fortunately I delayed craftily enough that this is an empty threat.


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