I’ve overdrafted my bank account. I’ve OVERDRAFTED. This is a serious blow to my ego. I blame my landlord for not cashing my rent check till the 27th of the month because I need someone to blame besides myself. Am so frustrated. Now have $130 (maybe) of fees to deal with and a deposit that won’t go through till tomorrow at midnight. Who invented this system? A visit to the bank is going to cut into my naptime tomorrow.

I’m beginning to be a little unhappy with my hair and am thinking of cutting a little more off. I think maybe this time I won’t do the accompanying blue highlights, though.

So I have to get a physical, which I think means they have to draw blood. Something about elbow veins really freaks me out. There shouldn’t be large veins in joints. Can someone do this for me?

Grace has a date tomorrow. I think I’m starting to live vicariously through her. It’s kind of nice; there’s less anxiety.


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  1. Laurel says:

    I really like that song. You gave it to me on a CD. You know, I still have a playlist called CD for Eileen, but I still haven’t made the CD. I keep adding to the list, too. I should really get on that. But that sucks about your bank account. šŸ˜¦

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