I took the bus to work for this first time in a long time today, and stuck my fare card in the dollar slot and lost it. The driver didn’t really point this out very well, but handed me a small orange form (it turns out so that I could get my card back) and wasn’t very nice about it, so I said never mind. Then somehow he forgot to open the doors to let me off so I gave him a dirty look. It wasn’t really the glowing fifteen minutes of my day.

I wonder if having a wolf (is that how you spell it?) on your instrument isn’t as bad if you play jazz. As it is, I think I have one somewhere between between the high C and C# on my G string. If I played in tune I’d probably know where it really was. It hasn’t been a problem until now, when I have to go a little sharp or flat to hit a high note in my piece. But I think maybe that half-failing, wavery, kind of gravelly sound wouldn’t sound so horrible if it were jazz.

My shoulders are still messed up but I think I’ll start playing again anyway.

Weekends are going too fast. I came home tonight exhausted and then had a beer and somehow that single one made me tipsy so that Latin vocab went really really slow (remembering words in a second language is harder when they don’t look that familiar in English).

I forgot that I really like Jonny Cash’s recording of Danny Boy.


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