Saw HP tonight. Was excellent. Didn’t want to exit Wizarding world to return to French-paper-revising world. However, this isn’t too bad, as soon will trade worlds again, this next time being Wednesdsay afternoon when I go to WI with and toward family. I should probably clean up all the empty diet coke cans lying around before my parents come over tomorrow night. Other cleaning would really just be unreasonably raising their expectations.

We’ve started Proust in French. This makes me feel smart. I think maybe my brother read him in English, not sure though, but if so, it’ll be one up on him. And all ups count very dearly.

Am contemplating buying another pair of Ugg boots, after inspiration by Lisa, and after giving my old ones that don’t fit to Grace. Surely I need something other than pink? Oh well, will wait till after Black Friday and see what’s left.


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