There were a few too many kinks in my old template that I just couldn’t fix, so I picked a new one. It’s much less original but hopefully a little less buggy. However, there is one mysterious bug that I really don’t understand (I know, it’s so weird, I’m a computer genius). Random crap appears at the bottom of the sidebar saying this: okay, I take that back, now that I’ve gone to copy it, it’s miraculously gone. But the crap at the bottom of the post in my comments page is still there ( comments.phpÔø?Ôø?WÁ§æWÔø?mBINÔø?Ôø?Ôø?– it’s obviously a very important message).

My Latin final is done, which is good for you all because as Cassie (I think) made me realize, my last few posts have been pretty much “I studied some Latin today”. I think this might be giving off the wrong impression that I spend hours and hours of my life on Latin. I really don’t. It’s just good tv-watching homework.

I’m all packed and I have a plate of spaghetti to eat before I go. But I still have a couple hours.


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  1. Casseeeeeeeeee says:

    Alas, it was me! I wrote a comment about my kitty being cute, and just as I was about to post it, I noticed I was logged in as you, so I took advantage of the situation. I wasn’t actually trying to hint about how much you talked about Latin, it was just all I could think of.

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