I slept through last night with a large bobby pin still in my hair. It might have been a result of the three Vodka Collins, two (extremely large) glasses of wine, and one Bailey’s I had before crashing into bed. I guess we could maybe also link it to the eggs and toast that topped everything off, many thanks to Grace.

Before all that, at some point, there was an orchestra concert, which went fine. I’m trying not to be one of those really self-aware people who thinks all their mistakes are noticed by everyone, but secretly, that’s who I am. I guess it’s hard to screw up a concerto concert, though, since everyone’s so excited just to see their friends on stage anyway.

I saw a necklace at the Tibet store tonight that I think I’m going to buy next time I work. It’s so fretty. I guess I spent a lot of money yesterday (movie–Transamerica, v. good, H&M, McDonald’s, two Bailey’s Irish Cremes on the rocks for which I overtipped since I was overly conscious of my drunken obnoxiousness) but other than that it’s really been a while.

Somehow I got my French reading and my Psych powerpoint done in the midst of all this weekend-like activity. That’s good, because tomorrow is looking to be another 11-hour day. I should really just get used to my Mondays.

Speaking of which, people’s inappropriate use of the word “just” really bothers me. It really DOES matter what word you put it before, because you think you’re saying one thing but you’re actually saying something completely different, if you do it wrong. Does this drive anyone else nuts? Sadly, I can’t think of any funny examples.

I think my dog’s dying. =(


4 thoughts on “Isabella

  1. Casseeeeeeeeee says:

    I just saw you receiving a food delivery at your door. Is my use of just correct? I’m not sure what your mean. You should give me an example, even if it’s not funny.

  2. 1) I think there might be recordings but I bet only the soloists get them. Don’t worry, it wasn’t that great. 😉 We played the Aranjuez guitar concerto though (2nd mvmt only) which brought back memories, except of course of the name of the soloist who played it with us in BVSO.

    2) I meant more like when people say “Just don’t do that” but they mean “Don’t just do that.” It’s subtle but not always, and it almost always irritates me.

    3) I ordered Chinese. It was wonderful. But somehow I mangled the addition on the receipt when I signed it and didn’t notice till the guy was gone. I don’t know how I’m so bad at basic math under pressure.

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