We have a dance floor now.

I don’t know what it is, but I love rearranging furniture. The timing is important; I can’t do it too soon after moving into a place. Maybe it’s a nesting thing but I think it’s more that I like to change my perspective once in a while. Anyway, Grace had her directing project rehearsal here last night and she moved the dining room table up against the window, which just brought out all my furniture-rearranging demons (do other people have them?), and now the apartment is completely different. Except that my bookshelf is still in the same place because it’s virtually impossible to move (but alphabetized!).

Somebody else bought my necklace, by the way. I know I’ve been unnecessarily detailing the path of the necklace this week, so I just though I would finish off the pointless story. But that’s okay, because we just got a lot of new bags, and I’m going to buy one of those instead. I’m also going to get my old one fixed over spring break.

We watched the Oscars tonight at Emily’s and did some sort of non-betting pool on who would win beforehand. Emily won, but I guess it didn’t really get her anything but gloating rights. Grace and I acted like an old married couple. You know, where I start interrupting her stories because I know them and want them to go faster. I’m sure she appreciates it.

I went to Marilynne Robinson’s reading for MPR last Tuesday. I would’ve mentioned it before but I hadn’t told Kris about it and felt traitorous for going without her. She knows about it now, and it’s okay, we’re still friends. I thought whatserface the MPR woman asked some dumb questions, but everyone else thought she wasn’t really so bad. Anyway, now I want to reread the book, so it’s very fortunate that I have to for my senior seminar.

I hate Mondays. I don’t really know why. Other very long days don’t bother me nearly as much.


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