Question: How many college seniors do graduation announcements? Are they normal or necessary?

The girls upstairs are normally uncannily unsocial. Last night, though, they were breaking free and playing music and, of all things, talking to each other. I think that normally they don’t talk. They just move chairs around and drag things across the floor. I’m not complaining about the quiet, though. I like it. I just think it’s weird.

Monday I rode my bike. The ride to school was fine, and the ride to the community center was fine, but on the way back I kind of wanted to die. I’m going to try it again tomorrow in the hopes that the more times I do it, the easier the repetitive uphills will be. Also it saves me a lot of time.

I think it’s high time someone wrote a novel in the form of a weblog.


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  1. Laurel says:

    Do people send out graduation announcements? I’m not going to. We’re going the classy way and sending out a graduation announcement email.

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