I haven’t posted in a while, I guess. Things are happening. That’s a lie, nothing is going on. Nothing at all. I worked last weekend, and it turns out I work this weekend too. That’s okay I guess, except I’ll miss Grace’s project. I still need a place to live for the summer, which is starting to be a drag. Someone please just drop a cheap 2BR apartment in my lap. Okay, not literally.

I always forget that my favorite thing about the end of the semester is all the free food. The place where I volunteer is feeding me twice this week. Every time I say this in front of Aurora she makes fun of me for having said that the food at the orchestra retreat was “the best meal I’ve had all week.” She’ll understand someday when she lives off campus. Right? It can’t just be me.

Baseball season has started. Have I mentioned that? I dunno if I should pay attention. They probably don’t broadcast the World Series in France. Man they’re dumb.


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