Yesterday and today I rode my bike to work in the rain. It’s not so bad until I’m two thirds of the way there and all the cumulative raindrops start having an effect on my clothing. The rain stopped today just in time for me to bike home which was very nice of it. I’m so glad it was thinking of me. It was a slow day though, so Lisa and I passed the time as usual with gossip and spider solitaire and trying on shoes.

Tomorrow I’m buying shoes, picking up my paycheck, and rehearsing a madrigal. I don’t think I’m playing in the noon recital Tuesday after all because I can’t get in touch with my pianist, but I’ll be playing the same thing at Seniors in Recital so it doesn’t really matter. In fact it makes my life easier and increases the chances that it will sound good and not just like a good effort. Tomorrow also two different organizations are feeding me–the CDC and then the French Department. This is good because although I have peanut butter and jelly, I have no bread.


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