The French have contacted me. Actually, they’ve contacted my father. They sent my letter home (as I expected) but in French, so my dad could only sort of tell me what it said. As far as we can tell until he brings it up here later this week, I’ll be in Nancy-Metz (the academie) next year which is somewhere near the top of this map:

So, I’m gonna go look it up on


2 thoughts on “News

  1. laurel says:

    That’s so cool! My roommate from last year was from Metz. (it’s pronouned “mess.”) I have a friend who spent some time there a while ago, so I can maybe find out if it’s pretty. At any rate, it’s near Strasbourg which is supposed to be beautiful.

  2. Malavika says:

    My friend Matt is currently teaching English in Verdun, which I believe is the Nancy-Metz region. I could also be wrong because Google Maps is currently being an asshat and refuses to show me where Verdun is on the map.

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