So Close…

I’m close to done with moving, and yet I’m still discovering things to move. It’s okay, I don’t work tomorrow. I’ll finish then. But I am sleeping at the new apartment tonight because Grace is gone. =( It’s very sad. Am not thinking about it.

I’m buying some new dress shoes for France. They are the coolest things ever. I know you don’t believe my superlative statements. But they’re awesome.

Am going out to dinner with Emily/Orlando/Kris since Emily/Orlando leave tomorrow. I feel like I need at least a day in between big goodbyes.

Last night was pretty fun. We went to Barbette’s and drank wine and I ate a vegetable curry that was excellent. Later we went to Perkins which was also excellent though in a different way. Then we played Dreamphone which, I have to be honest, was not all that excellent and really kind of weird.

I should check my SPO on campus. Also I should go to the bank. Also I should call the utilities and switch things over. This is too much for my summer shrunken brain.

Someone is outside grilling. Don’t they know we’re expecting “scattered strong storms”?

I’m trying to be optimistic about seeing people again ever. It’s just odd that my plans don’t include anywhere that anyone I know will live anytime soon. It’s an odd plan I have, this leaving the country without looking behind me and without any plans of coming back here. (To MSP, not USA.) I like certain things about it. I’m not a very adventurous person. I tend to have to force myself into things I think will be good for me without second guessing myself. Like moving 1200 miles away for college, and going to whoknowswhere, France for a year. I feel a bit like this is the only way to do things and then at the same time like maybe I am doing it all wrong. Maybe when we find places and people we love we should stick to them instead of assuming we will find others.


One thought on “So Close…

  1. Casseeeeeeeeee says:

    I must say, Dreamphone is a lot more fun when you play it as a drinking game. Here are the rules: whenever someone pulls a card on someone else (mom says hang up, etc) that person has to drink. Whenever someone dials a wrong number, they have to drink. Whenever someone has to redial for not hearing a clue, they have to drink. Whenever a guy says, “I know who it is, but I’m not telling. Ha ha”, the caller once again has to drink. Whenever the caller fails to announce who they’re calling before they start dialing, they have to drink. Whenever the little girl calls, everyone has to drink. It works pretty well, actually.

    P.S. I was logged in as you again on this computer, but I was nice and logged out instead of saying something dreadfully clever while pretending to be you.

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