Oh Dear

Today I decided to buy three pairs of shoes. One for my birthday and they’re so cheap it doesn’t really matter. Then two pairs of Danksos using the employee purchase plan. Really it makes total sense but just saying “three pairs of shoes” seems over the top. Plus they’re awesome shoes and I lose my discount after this summer.

It’s okay though also because I got paid way more than I expected today. It’s like tips but you don’t get them at the end of the night. You get them secretly added up all at once. I love it.

I’m still reading Small Island by Andrea Levy but it’s kind of heavy so I decided to break it up with something else. What did I choose? Dr. Zhivago. I never understand reading moods.

I work tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and then guess what, four more days after that. But Monday is my birthday and I’m going to go out and have fun that night.

It’s raining. My windows were open wide this afternoon and my floor got a little wet. At least I left my computer on my bed. Sometimes these disorganized tendencies of mine turn out to be sensible.


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