Reality's not so bad when you look like Ethan Hawke.

I finally watched Reality Bites so that I can stop thinking people are conversing with me when they’re really just quoting things. One thing, really, or maybe four.

I think that ? is really my feeling of the moment, or the week. I usually try to make myself not think too much about my upcoming age before my birthday so that it’s really new the day of and feels special. This doesn’t have the right effect. Instead I just feel like nothing happened and it’s not till a few days later that I really get it that I’m older. Listening to the CD Laurel “gifted” me (are we really calling it that? isn’t that just silly?) over iTunes helps me remember that there was an event, even if it was just the receiving of a digital CD. (Are they all digital?) But let’s not underrate my fever breaking. That was totally rad and made me glad I was born.

Also talking to my brother was remarkable. We don’t do it much. His life always seems very distant from mine, what with the academic system (H-bomb, grad school) and material (theories about multiple dimesnsions, particles whose names I don’t remember) that I don’t really understand. Thankfully he mentioned watching a movie (Everything Is Illuminated) on Netflix which unexpectedly reknit the threads that the internet can so neatly tie over distances and that I’ve been letting break. Oh, I shouldn’t use metaphors. (Should I watch Everything Is Illuminated? He said he liked it. I said I didn’t completely like the book. We compared notes and he said what I didn’t like wasn’t in the movie.)

What is with the Astros letting the Twins beat them?! ?! ?! In a note about me being okay with Jonathan Safran Foer, I read a piece of his before EiI about punctuation that represents feelings (and possibly something else…) and I loved it.

It’s okay, anyway, the Tigers are still doing great.


2 thoughts on “Reality's not so bad when you look like Ethan Hawke.

  1. Malavika says:

    You should see the movie, even if you didn’t like the book that much (I personally loved the book and the movie, but then I’m strange).

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