Titles are hard when my posts aren't cohesive.

I feel like I’ve had a weekend since I’ve only worked five hours in the past three days. Today I watched two movies (Mystic River and Swimming Pool) with two different people (Kris and Charles) and they were both really good. But I’m not totally sure we have a complete theory for Swimming Pool yet. The other day I also saw Pirates of the Caribbean for free thanks to American Eagle’s deal (try on a pair of jeans, get a free AMC movie ticket–go do it!) and that was AWESOME. I loved all the slugs, which is uncharacteristic of me what with my weird spotted things phobia.

I also mailed all my books home today in three boxes all weighing between 40 and 50 pounds. The woman at the mail room asked me a couple times if I was sure I wanted all these books. I almost said, yes, I’m an English major, I have an excuse for this ridiculous attachment. But I restrained myself, I guess mostly because I’m not an English major anymore.

I bought a laptop backpack for my trip over and for general use. Am way excited. Am not completely sure what color it will be, but I think it’s that beige one. The picture that shows all the compartment is especially exciting.

The heat has finally broken, allelulia.

Finally, I need some reading suggestions. My mom has given me two Sue Miller books that I for some reason am not tempted by just now. (This often happens with books my mom lends me, for no known reason.) I tried getting further in I Know This Much Is True but it’s not grabbing me. I went to Half Price Books and didn’t see anything and I went to Target and wasn’t sure anything there was worth $10-15. So I need some advice on books that people I know have loved. And are possibly able to lend to me or that they know are out in paperback. Preferably not trade paperback, but I can settle.


One thought on “Titles are hard when my posts aren't cohesive.

  1. laurel says:

    How much did the shipping cost and how long does it take to get there? I have to be doing something like that myself in the near future.

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