Things to miss:
Home & family
Otto & Boris
Relaxing 24-7
The English language
My car
Wireless internet?
Being a citizen without paperwork

Things to look forward to:
12 hours of work a week, relaxing the rest of the time
Four two-week breaks
Wearing my new glasses on the plane
Meeting someone new in the airport
A bed that is not an air mattress
Buying new things for my room
Bragging about being in France

Soon the category France on this page will go out of use because it will apply to pretty much everything, much like the Minnesota category used to. I don’t really have anything witty to say about this. And I know you all come to me for your daily dose of wit. (Don’t you like how I make jokes about how I’m not funny?)

Please give me your address if you’d like mail, and come visit me if you feel the urge. It’ll be my noblest use.


3 thoughts on “

  1. laurel says:

    open markets!
    pastry as an art form!
    realizing that various buildings around you are actually older than your home country is

    etc! Have fun!!!

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