Moving Rooms, etc.

Well I moved rooms. The window is wide open, even though it’s a little chilly in here, because it smells a little stale. I have a new view:

For a while I could watch French high schoolers dragging their bags across the bridge to go home for the weekend. From this end of the building it’ll be a little harder to hear them playing pool at night, but easier to hear them going to and from school.

Wow, typing on a French keyboard is really starting to have an effect on me. I keep reaching for the semicolon instead of the m and the q instead of the a.

Tomorrow I’m going to the marchet with one of the stagiaires, and then we’re going to go buy me a phone. I’m going to ask her if we can go to France Telecom too though because now that I have a phone outlet I can ask about internet. Wee! It will be so much easier to communicate with people then. I asked the German assistant if she wants to do wireless and split it. I am so excited about my new prise. It’s just a funny-shaped hole in the wall with some wires behind it, but to me it contains endless possibility: blog posts published right after I write them, free audio ichatting with people in the US, downloading a better-functioning iTunes, buying Project Runway from iTunes, downloading Grey’s Anatomy—oh how I love the internet. I think I will still get a phone with e-mail delivery though, just because I don’t feel like waiting for internet to be installed in order to communicate with people on weekends.

What else is new? I got my schedule for this coming week, when I start observing, which means I should buy a notebook tomorrow for taking some notes. I gave some papers back to the secretary today so I should soon be officially on the payroll. The English assistant arrives tomorrow so I am going to go eat lunch with his contact person on Sunday. Little does he know, I stole his room. Mwahaha. It was really easy, too. I swear, the people are nicer here.


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