Not much to update. I was up at 6:45 this morning. Whoa. The travel alarm clock I bought doesn’t wake me up so I’m using a combination of iCal and the alarm clock to get me up in the morning. I started observing yesterday, which mostly means the kids ask me questions, and it means I have to make myself talk really slow, which is harder than you’d think. A middle school student asked me if I like George Bush. If they only knew.

I’m going to Nancy tomorrow for orientation and then again on Thursday for my medical appointment. I think I will probably come back here Wednesday night just because I don’t feel like finding a place to stay. Then on Friday, I will probably, finally, go buy my long-awaited phone. It’s been raining today but it has stopped for a while so if this keeps up I will go to the mediateque and inscrire myself, cuz I have 60 pages left in Middlesex and I need something to do with myself.


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  1. Casseeeeeeeeeeee says:

    Did you end up getting a room with internet? I switched computers and just put in my bookmarks so I’d fallen behind on your blog, and just read all the France stuff now. It’s weird, because it sounds so much like moving to Japan. I guess changing countries always has certain similarities. I know you know French way better than I know Japanese, but I wouldn’t be too hung up on making mistakes. You should just accept that it’s going to happen, and most people will be nice about it, or at least try to figure out what you’re saying. Whenever I open my mouth I’m met with fits of delighted giggles just because I’m speaking Japanese, which is both a plus (less judgment) and a drawback (less listening). In France they may be a little more normal about it.

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