Ode to Livebox

Today I had several ideas I scrounged up for what to do with my time. Go to the mediateque and take out a movie. Wander up to the Haute Ville and take some pictures. Buy some groceries, including a smelly candle for my smelly room. Walk past the office for new arrivals to town and see if I could find out any information.

All of those hesitant plans when completely down the drain when R and I successfully set up the internet this morning. Now, I’m not completely sure it won’t go away when I turn off my computer, so I won’t be voluntarily turning off my computer anytime soon. This set-up took some brainpower, since not only were the instructions in French (which we could both handle), but also when we encountered errors on R’s computer, I was up against a PC in German. She ended up calling her dad.

Anyway, I bought and downloaded some tv shows today, talked to some people on IM, and called my parents, although that was on my spiffy new phone, not on my computer. I got the contract yesterday and the month restarts tomorrow so I had three hours to use up for today. I’ve used about an hour, so if anyone wants me to call them in the next four hours, well, they should let me know. Somehow. Anyway, if you need to call me, I know it’s expensive, but the number is in my facebook profile. Otherwise, you can e-mail me, and eventually that will be delivered to my phone. I am once again in the land of the living.

Writing down all those things I meant to maybe do today makes it sound pathetic that I spent the day in my room. On the contrary, when I did go out to get groceries, the buildings seemed prettier, the sun brighter, the people nicer, and I ran into R in the line at the supermarket. The internet makes everything better. It’s so much like drugs.

So, the Twins are out. I have to say that was a little bit pathetic, taking the central division away from the Tigers at the last minute, and then squandering it. But it’s okay, the Tigers have made a decent showing against the Yankees, and they’ll surely be back next year. And of course they aren’t out yet.

I’m a little hungry now so I should go conjure up some food.


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