My site tracker places me in a different city in France every time I look at my site. I don’t understand. Surely I don’t bounce from server to server?

In a few minutes I am going to go meet a family I might babysit for. Hmm, I wonder if I will be paid for this. Also, today I found out that there is a youth orchestra here, so I am going to go visit it next week to think about joining. Many people at the centre d’initation musicale took advantage of my arrival as an opportunity to demonstrate their English skills. It was flattering. Also, I have a sore throat. I bought this “Caribbean” tea, and now my room smells like fruit.

An article/discussion in Slate this week took me right back to spring semester senior seminar. Oh for the days I spent class time talking about blogging. Hey, maybe I can do that here, too.
The Novel, 2.0.


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  1. laurel says:

    Yeah, yesterday when you went to my blog, you were visiting from “Vry.” Today it’s from “Boucq.” These have to be made-up.

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