Weekend Plans: I have them.

I started babysitting tonight for an adorable family. I hope I’m good enough for them.

Tomorrow I’m going to Nancy! Yay. Z’s roommate is having a birthday and they’re going to celebrate so R #2 and I are going to go celebrate with them. I have classes in the morning, then I have to go to the prefecture one more time to talk about my cds. But then I can leave! I have lots of tv episodes saved up for when I get back from more eventful places.

Today was uneventful, besides starting babysitting. I went to the lavomatique for the first time. It was pretty easy. It was empty when I got there and after I started my load, a woman came in and took up the rest of the washers. I’m serious. Seven or eight washers all for her. Fortunately Thursday afternoon isn’t a popular time for the lavomatique. Now I have clean, clean clothes, which makes me so happy. Now if only I had that pair of shoes I’m missing so badly. (In case you’re wondering, it’s the Tsubos.) Something is wrong with my feet so I can only wear one pair of my Danskos. I’m really trying hard to keep myself from splurging on a new pair of cute sneakers until I get my Toussaint vacation plans down and know how much I’ll have to spend on them. But I long for my stripey shoes.

Oh! I got my absentee ballot too! Hurrah.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Plans: I have them.

  1. Actually, I have very little idea yet, which is making me nervous. I have a few options, a cousin in Rome who won’t get back to me, so probably not that, Belgium, and just running around France.

    I’m voting in Minnesota. It’s funny, I was just thinking yesterday morning, oh it probably won’t ever get here. And then it was here!

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