A Night That Never Ended

Or it seemed like wouldn’t. Yesterday Z very kindly met R #2 and me at the train station in Nancy and guided us back to our rooms at the Chateau Remicourt, a cute place a block from her high school lodging. The rooms were very nice, and I anticipated enjoying mine, except that as it turned out later, I was only in it for about four hours. We went with Z’s roommates to a bar in Nancy called Le Thirty (this name continutes to confuse me) where we met other assistants, some that I’d met before, and some not. One was an assistant from Mississippi with a serious southern accent. It was great. Le Thirty was great, just divey enough. Here is a picture of about half of our group, though people kept coming and going so it’s hard to know how many of us were actually there all together.

From left to right, a Brit, me, two Canadians, Z, and R #2. These pictures are all a little blurry because I took them with my phone.

After our group diminished significantly in size, we went to a disco, and I have no clue what that was called, since I basically just following people and going where I was told. At around 2:45 we decided to leave and headed to another disco, but there was an expensive cover and so instead we went and got kebabs. Well, Z got a kebab, and I got an Orangina, and the others just watched. Anyway, the trams stop running at midnight, so all told, after we found the other people in our group who had gone to the second disco and retrieved their bags, it was only twenty minutes till the trams started running again.

Here are Z and her German roommate S at the tram station near the Nancy train station at 4:30 in the morning.

And here is what the Nancy gare tram stop looks like in the dead of the night.

Except it’s not really quite so blurry. But I had put my glasses on instead of my contacts by that point, so maybe it was. I don’t really know. I finally got to sleep around 5:30, but there was no one else in my two-bed hostel room so I didn’t bother anyone on my way in. The hostel was nice though. I’d like to return sometime and actually put it to more use.

R#2 and I got back to B at around noon today and I’ve been wasting the rest of the day, watching ANTM and sleeping. I have my fixed schedule for the semester, so I have some classes to plan tomorrow, but not too much, since I’m still doing a little bit of just observation. What do you think, if you were a French high schooler, would you find these articles interesting?

Court: Anti-Bush shirt OK in school

They’ve been learning a little about American dress codes because they’re learning how to express obligation.

The Ex-Factor

Of course I would probably cut these articles down significantly.


2 thoughts on “A Night That Never Ended

  1. Casseeeeeeeeeeee says:

    I think the anti-Bush shirt article would be interesting to them. For the other one, it depends on what they’re studying. It also depends if that whole young people breaking up before college thing is radically different in France. Is it?

  2. I think it might be fairly different, since I don’t think French kids go very far away for school. But we didn’t get to that article today so we might never know.

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