Well I taught my first lessons today alone. I won’t be doing it again for another week since the rest of this week is just observation. I guess there’s a chance I’ll be alone with the kids on Thursday. But I think today went well, especially the t-shirt article, although it definitely confused them that the parts of the bill of rights are called articles.

So, for Toussaint, Emily W and I have decided to vacation together. I’m going to go visit Lille and then we will go to Belgium. At least I think that’s the idea. My hopes for the following three vacations include Julia M in England, Veronika Z in Germany, Ashley P in Spain, and Ireland. Also, mid-April, my dad has a meeting in Amsterdam and I’ll go visit him there. Plus Brandon bought his plane ticket to come visit me mid-March. Now I must find a place for him to stay, since we’re not supposd to have visitors here.

Well I have no more obligations for the rest of the day. Tomorrow I’m going to go look for things to buy for my room with the primaire assistant. But today I’m pretty much at loose ends. I think I’ll create some new categories.


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