Today I bought a duffel bag for vacations. It’s Samsonite, so it was a tad expensive, or at least more than I expected. But I would like it to last the year so I guess it’s worth it. I might be able to get a ride with someone to Lille and not have to buy a train ticket. We shall see.

Today I also bought some things for my room: a cheap little lamp and a canvas magazine-rack-like thing, whose use I haven’t decided on yet. I hung some maps on my wall too, so the walls are a little less blah. And I bought a scarf. And a shirt. Uh oh. But I did get to hang out with S, which was fun, and I saw her cozy room at the foyer. It’s cosier than my room. I’m working on it though. Check back in two weeks.

Tomorrow, more teaching, though not as much on my own. Done at 2:30.


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