Sundays are boring here.

This bizarre loud whistling sound goes on around my door when I have my window open in here. The door detects extra wind or something, because it’s really not that windy in here.

What American songs do you think would be good to use with middle school kids? The words have to be kind of easy. And I haven’t yet figured out how I’ll actually play songs for them since all we have at school are tape players.

Last night there was an impressive showing for R#2’s birthday at La Boheme. I might have pictures sometime.


2 thoughts on “Sundays are boring here.

  1. Casseeeeeeeeee says:

    Is your lesson on American music, or a specific grammar point? I’ve been teaching days of the week and names of months forever, so I tried using songs to help them remember. (By the way, I realize your kids won’t have the same issues with this, it’s just an example.) For days of the week I used the Happy Days theme song and “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure, and for months I used “Calendar Girl”. My experience was that the Happy Days theme song was too cheesy for them, though it actually did help them remember, “Friday I’m in Love” was too challenging, and “Calendar Girl” was by far their favorite, even though they didn’t understand the lyrics at all.

  2. Hmm, I hadn’t actually thought about topics yet. I guess I’m just trying to think of something entertaining for the kids, especially since they all like American music but I doubt they have any idea what it’s about. Seriously, they love 50 Cent. I won’t be using his songs in class though. I’m thinking of blanking out some words and having them fill them in as they listen.

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