So much good news today!

Here I will present it in many disorganized, badly described links.

Finally, what I wanted to hear. When I went to CNN’s webpage this morning, the first breaking news I saw was that Tom Delay’s old seat went to a Democrat. See, being evil really doesn’t pay off in the end, or help your party. (Faithful readers may recall an earlier unbridled rant of mine.) On a related topic, Chet Edwards won again.

The good news keeps coming in exciting, surprising (for me) pieces. Some of it just feels like icing on the cake.

Especially surprising, although not so much when I think about it, was this one. A&M will have to find a new president, I guess.

Not living in the country, I’m oblivious to some exciting things. Mala pointed me toward this one. And then there are one or two other things that are exciting, even though they would only affect me if I moved to Vermillion and got pregnant or wanted to marry a woman in Phoenix. And last of all, only one piece of disappointing news.


3 thoughts on “So much good news today!

  1. mom says:

    but deLay DID help his party. It will be decades before any democrat has a hope of winning in TX again due to deLay’s redistricting scheme.

    Even when these guys disappear in disgrace (also Gingrich) they have long-lasting ill effx

    sorry to dampen your good spirits! The news about Rummy is so good that we can still truly rejoice!

  2. Emily says:

    Seeing as I live here in this hell hole of Arizona, I should set you straight. Forbes really bungled proposition 107, our anti-gay marriage initiave. A past constitutional ammendment has already defined marriage as between “one man and one woman” (we have a polygamy problem) in the state of Arizona. Proposition 107 looked like a gay marriage ban, but was really an initiative that would revoke domestic partner benefits and prohibit domestic partnerships in AZ. It was defeated, surprisingly. It would have meant that I would lose my health insurance as a domestic partner and many, many seniors (Arizona’s voting block) would lose their domestic partner benefits. Seniors, as I’m sure you know, form domestic partnerships in order to keep their Social Security payments as singles (which are higher).

    Haha, I guess I have learned something from living in this conservative state. We also lost some very sad propositions which, among other things, deny undocumented workers access to English classes, while at the same time create English as the only and official language of Arizona. What!?

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