Today R#2 and I went with a history teacher to Verdun, only about 45 minutes from here, but hard to get to without a car. We went to the cathedral, and the old bishop’s palace where the bishop no longer lives (but which had a political cartoon exhibit that was interesting), and the WWI fort, and the WWI French cemetery, and a town called Fleury that was destroyed, and possibly something else I’ve forgotten about. Oh yeah, the memorial museum. There’s an American cemetery too, but we didn’t have time to go today. I hope it doesn’t sound crass when I say that I prefer the marble look of the American cemeteries. But I did like this one too.

I took some pictures with my phone.

The Muslim graves are set in their own square so that they can all be turned toward Mecca.

Looking out from that tower in the second picture. You can’t tell, but that’s the French flag in the middle.

There’s a Muslim monument and a Jewish monument, and apparently Hitler made them cover up the Jewish monument during the occupation.


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