Two Unrelated Posts: U2, Castles


Does anyone know anything about I found an article there that I want to use in one of my classes but I’d rather have a clue about the website before I do that. But it’s actually kinda hard to find anything cohesive that criticizes U2, and that’s what I need.


The Castle Gravensteen, as promised. These are, finally, the last of my vacation pictures.

Some of the best pictures were impossible because of the wooden trap door things all along the top of the castle. But I liked this one anyway.

Look, it’s Ghent.

And more of it. Isn’t it nice? Except, maybe, for that huge crane.

Excuse the larger picture. I hope it fits in my template. I thought it was worth the risk since it’s much more imposing when it’s bigger. It reminded me really strongly of Hank Morgan, as medieval castles tend to do, though this one not quite as much as this one did. (I still kind of resent the clever performer who used his forest seduction joke on me there, I have to admit, so that now I associate not only Hank Morgan with the place, but also this conversation: CP in front of crowd: Have your parents warned you about forests? Me: We don’t have forests where I’m from. CP: Well all right then, let’s go. … We had to wonder if he might have actually wanted to depart from his script and ask me what on earth kind of place I was from.)


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