Praise the Lord

My dad is sending me shoes and boots! I’m so glad. I wore my Danskos on the 10-minute walk to the movie theater tonight and by the time I got there my toe was already stiff and sore. I don’t understand at all. And these new shoes I bought are actually starting to show some wear on the heel. Bah. The high-quality shoes hurt and the comfy shoes are going to fall apart. This is like a reversal of everything I’ve been taught about shoes. And that’s a lot.

I believe I have found a travel buddy for England and Scotland over Christmas. Yay! I’m excited about going back to London, although of course it won’t be the same without Jessica, who I remember sometimes wrote lovely letters to our bed and breakfast hosts.

R and I went to see Le Dahlia Noir tonight. I’m not sure if it was the dubbed French or not, but it was really confusing. Can anyone confirm if it was confusing in English?


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