R, S, and I got back from Strasbourg a little less than 12 hours ago. We met up with S’s French friend and my German friend (Veronika), but I don’t actually have any pictures of these people. I just have many pictures of lights. And here they are.

A big Jules-Verne-esque carousel

Chestnuts roasting

Inside the cathedral

I’m taller than everyone, ha. Actually we were perched on one of the cathedral ledges.

Picture #1 of the street leading up to the cathedral and the markets, from the cathedral

Picture #2 of the street, from the opposite end. You can tell the sun is setting.

i didn’t get a very good picture of the blue tree. Apparently it has something to do with Romania.

I also didn’t get a very good picture of the canals.

And not to ruin the magicalness of this post, but here’s just another item to add to my list of Internat Mysteries: the air conditioning is currently on full blast in the hallway. And the showers have turned back to freezing cold. I think I’m being punished for my three days of perfect showers.


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