Back again

I’m back in Bar le Duc. It took a while. I went some other places. I’m going to start from the beginning with the pictures, and I’ll put up six today, but rest assured there will be many more. Skim them if you like.

This is Burghley House. Kate and Julia took me there on Christmas morning while we were waiting for Christmas lunch to be finished. The night before, Julia and I made mince pies, which are yummy. Burghley House was closed on Christmas Day but the grounds were open, so we walked around. It was used as Rosings Park for the newest P&P, just as Stamford (where the Ms live) was used as Meryton. Christmas was really nice, actually, and I received two guide books, one for Scotland, which proved very useful in the following days. The other was for Dublin, so now I definitely have to go there. For Christmas lunch we had goose, duck, stuffing, brussels sprouts (made by Julia with orange juice and peels), vegetables, and eventually Christmas cake. We tasted the Mirabelle liqueur, and I think we generally decided it was quite good. The next day we went to Julia’s uncle’s house, and both then and the 27th we had traditional post-Xmas English food, which includes bubble and squeak, which is basically all the veggies mashed together. It was yummy too. I feel well-versed in English Christmas traditions now.

On the 27th I left for Edinburgh. I met up with another assistant at the hostel. The hostel was dreamy. Free internet, cheap cafe, cash machine, vending machine, clean rooms, free towels, conditioner and soap… really it’s hard to sum up all its dreaminess.

Our first morning there we took a bus to Rosslyn Chapel, a stone chapel that’s carved within an inch of its life.

Many of the carvings included the Green Man, who I thought was pretty cool.

The chapel is being restored, so there’s a large canopy on it letting the stones dry out. This means you can’t get a very good view of the outside, but you can walk around the top and see some very idyllic Scotland panoramas.

And here I am, out in front of the chapel (not pictured), wearing a scarf that Mrs. M’s mom made me for Christmas.

If you’d like to see more of the pictures, or all of them at once, let me know, since they’re all on Snapfish, and I usually only put up about a fifth of them here. I’ll post more in the coming days of Edinburgh, London (Buckingham and Kensington Palaces, Picadilly Circus, etc.), and just a couple of Karlsruhe.


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