Nancy Misc

Hey. I got back from Nancy this afternoon. I thought I was coming back last night but since there was nothing crazy cool (Chelsey’s words) happening in Bar le Duc (shocking) I stayed another night. Also I took a bunch of Chelsey’s pictures from her computer because our computers can talk to each other, like this:

So cute. They were bluetoothing. It was really social.

Therefore, these pictures are obviously all taken by Chelsey and date back to the fête de St. Nicolas back in December.

Part of the show on the Place Stan (those were little gold paper circles)

That weekend, Inga, Chelsey, and I all also bought the same hat.

Les Américaines before the parade

Me + Zandra + large mice undoubtedly from a children’s movie that I haven’t seen (and Gavin taking a picture)

Next, from a few weekends ago in Nancy:

Apparently the British slang was so funny I wanted to surreptitiously strangle Chelsey.

Then, when people came to BlD:

Marianella and Susanne in front of Bar le Duc’s castle/museum

Me + Chelsey by the Eglise St. Etienne

Chelsey made all of us do this. We’re on the ramparts near the castle. I think it was a bit uncomfortable for Richard.

Now, last Friday night:

The cake Zandra and Gaven brought to accompany dinner.

Gavin, Zandra, me

What I like about this picture is that you can’t really tell if Gavin is prepared for what’s coming.

Didn’t you know, Zandra is an amateur contortionist.


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