Granada; The Alhambra

I thought I would hold back and only do five or six photos per city or something, but that’s just unreasonable. Especially since the trip to Granada included the Alhambra. So here are quite a few.

Our hostel in Granada was wonderful. It had this cute little balcony and free spicy tea in the mornings. The owners were a really friendly older Spanish couple who decorated the hallway and played CDs and burned incense. We were so spoiled by our luck with this hostel that it was a bit of a comedown to arrive in hostile (no pun intended) Valencia where it took us four hours to secure a place.

One afternoon we walked up into the Albaicin and Sacromonte neighborhoods which are on the hill opposite the hill that has the Alhambra. So it has great views.

This is a panorama and me surprising Zandra.

The next day we went to the Alhambra.

These birds live at the Alhambra.

So does this kitty. You can’t see them, but we peeked into the hedge and there was a whole kitty gang hangin out in there.

reflecting pool

I loved all of the arches and this dome.

I think these are the towers (torres) of the Generalife.

from the top

mailbox at the post office

I had a horrible allergic reaction to the gardens so there’s a huge gap in my pictures when I was just trying to make it through. But it was really beautiful and now we can say we’ve lived. Other high points of Granada included the pita place we went to once every day where we spent 3.50 on dinner/lunch, and where Marianella found us and surprised us one night, Chelsey being asked out by a souvenir shop owner (“I … like … you”), cheap jewelery, and mullet watching on the Plaza Santa Ana (although to be honest we did that all over Spain). Granada, in spite of the cedar trees, was my favorite.


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