I just had a computer breakthrough–I successfully found a good free ftp client, backed up all my files, and uploaded the files for the new wordpress. Then I found out that my webhost doesn’t support it. So I got to re-upload everything. It was way fun. Actually it was pretty exciting when the website still worked after all of that. Anyway, if anything screws up for you, let me know. No guarantees that I’ll know how to fix it but I’ll give it some well-intentioned thought at least.

Here’s day 1 of Barcelona, which will have a lot fewer pictures than day 2.

And here’s where we play: What famous mud-slide-looking building is this?


Does this help?


How about this?


Okay I’ll stop being obnoxious. In case you don’t know, it’s the Segrada Familia, and I thought it was really cool. In fact I stepped out of the metro station and gasped. Beyond the obvious, though, I did really enjoy the small man placed in every model to give you perspective. I liked how he stood serenely, sometimes in oddly-chosen places, with his hand in his pocket. If he were real, I wonder what kind of stories he would have to tell about the Segrada Familia at night. Would he have adventures, adventures way better than the movie A Night in the Museum?

That afternoon we went to the beach. Chelsey and Zandra looked for sea glass.

It won’t stop raining here. Well, that’s not exactly true. It stops raining for about five minutes, enough time for the sun to peek out and taunt me, and then go back behind the clouds so it can rain some more. In less than two weeks my family will be here, which is fab, and weird. Time seems to be passing really slowly and really quickly. No lo comprendo.


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