The rest of Barcelona is pretty much all Gaudí.

Looking into the first floor of Casa Batlló from below

This is what you look like when you’re staring up at it. (Not that chick on the left. I don’t know what she was doing.)

Casa Mila, across the street

Same building, from below

Everything that’s left is from Parc Güell,

where there was a guitarist playing.

Les filles

Some garçons who wouldn’t move

In other news, I had a busy weekend, which was longer than usual because some of my students are out of the country so I didn’t see them. Went to Nancy last night. Met a really great cat. Watched a “football” game. I ate a hotdog there. Coming up: Photos from The Decemberists, Bar le Duc.


2 thoughts on “Gaudí

  1. Casseeeeeeeeeeee says:

    I love meeting great cats! It’s rare, because most cats here are afraid of people. Haha, you just posted a bunch of beautiful pictures of your travels, and the one thing I feel moved to respond to is about kitties.

  2. It’s okay, he was a really great cat. Very spry, if I let myself use a word like that. And I’m a comment-whore so really I am not at all picky about what you say. And why are Japanese cats afraid of people?

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