Three Sets of Pictures

Part 1: My Favorite Picture from Spain

It’s from a restaurant in Barcelona where we spent about five hours and received free coffee+alcohol from strangers nearby. I don’t know why Zandra doesn’t love this picture. Seriously.

Part 2: Crappy Pictures from the Decemberists Concert

Here you can see everyone else and not much of the band…

and here you can’t really see much of anything. But really, I did have a great view. Everyone there seemed to speak English. It also seemed that no one in the band spoke French except that chick who plays the viola, which was still kind of cool. The opening band was Lavendar Diamond and we got there in time for their last song which, amazingly, I knew, but I’m not sure if I like it.

Part 3: Bar le Duc at Night: Or, Waiting for Emily B outside La Boheme


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