Internat Mysteries

The greatest one: Why the solution to a dirty kitchen is to lock it up so no one can use it. And why the inspection came on the one day when it was disgusting. And, who is leaving their bottles on the floor and not doing their dishes, cuz it wasn’t me, I was barely here last week. Oh well. I will drink my cokes warm.

A few months ago I would’ve been pretty pissed off, but at this point I don’t really care that much. Maybe I will in two days when it gets locked up and I can no longer eat yogurt….


2 thoughts on “Internat Mysteries

  1. No worries, we got it back. We used our highly developed powers of persuasion. No seriously I have no idea what convinced them. There is a cantine but it’s obviously not open Friday night-Monday morning so it would have been all restaurants, or, I don’t know, cereal.

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