Good News

I got a job for next year!

! ! ! !

It’s in Reims. It happened very quickly (less than 24 hours). It’s a huge relief. My parents opened a bottle of champagne they’d forgotten about, just for me. (I was the one who pointed out how fitting it was.) Then we went out for barbeque, which was yummy.

Now, I’m not going to do like normal and immediately find something else to worry about. I swear. At least, I’ll try very hard not to.


5 thoughts on “Good News

  1. laurel says:

    Congrats!!!! Maybe this time I will manage to come visit you. What is your job? btw my parents love to tell this story about how they were in France once and tried to buy a train ticket to Reims but had absolutely no idea how to pronounce it, and went through all different possibilities at the ticket window (Reems, Rems, etc) until they finally had to end up writing it down. I *think* my dad did some post-doc work there while my mom was pregnant with me.

  2. laurel says:

    Oh yay, you’re going to be there for so long and all next summer too! Do they have class in the summer or what? Maybe we can finally make that trip to Ireland that we had to put off 🙂

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