I’m at lunch right now in my mom’s office, about to go to the doctor. Fun! I love refilling prescriptions! We’re going to San Antonio this weekend (leaving after work today) to do numerous things…:

1) Pick out tiles for the kitchen floor of the condo (I might not go along for this)
2) Find my MBT shoes
3) Find the title to my car so that I can potentially sell it

I have all sorts of plane tickets now, and am all sorts of broke because of it. Here’s the schedule for the summer:

Tues June 19: I turn 23 (Okay, not travel-related, but nonetheless important!)
Sat June 23-Sunday June 24: Abq for Emily and Orlando’s wedding
Friday July 6 – ??? Aug 3: University of Denver Publishing Institute
Monday Sep 3-Tuesday Sep 4: Fly to France!

I think that’s all. If anyone’s in CS in the meanwhile, I’m free to entertain, with the following caveat: I have no money.


What do you think?

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